Born in Detroit as a Black 2015 Jeep SRT, we started to wonder what if it was re-born in the Chief Products Garage, (Grand Cherokee SRT for a father and a Grand Cherokee Trailhawk for a mother). It couldn't be a mall-crawler trailer-queen, it needed to be fueled by whisky, dirt in its blood, able to turn heads and seduce super models... at that moment the Hellhawk Project roared into existence.

We’re lifting it 2.5”. We’re chopping the fenders so we can fit massive 35” mud tyres. We’re installing all the off-road gear we can find in the Chief Products Garage, (WK2 Off-Road Front Bumper, WK2 Off-Road Rear Bumper, WK2 Roof Rack, WK2 Sump Protection Plate, WK2 Transmission Protection Plate, WK2 Recovery Points, WK2 Hidden Winch Mount, Hawse Winch Fairlead, Fairlead Surround, WK2 Rear Tie-Downs, WK2 Fender Flares & WK2 Rock Rails). We’re disconnecting the sway bars. We’re throwing a winch on the front and a heap of off-road lights up top. We’re stealing a grille from a 2019 SRT and a rear fascia from a 2019 Trackhawk (for the new quad tip exhaust). Then we remembered it was fast, really fast... so we decided we should add some racing stripes.