We pulled in looking stock and rolled out 2.5” taller sitting on 33” MT rubber. There was a fair bit of measuring and planning that went into lifting the SRT and fitting the larger tyres. As always Todd and the crew at Seven Slot Offroad delivered just what we needed.

Todd Avers @ Seven Slot Offroad
“When we first discussed lifting the ride height of the SRT to accommodate the 33inch tyres, we thought about removing the standard SRT springs and shocks and replacing them with longer units. When we unplugged the electro magnetic cables for the tuned suspension, we immediately received ‘body module error codes’ which could not be turned off. This meant we’d need to achieve the lifted ride height with a spacer lift.

We looked at several spacers kits on the market and decided to do something custom. The kit we developed installed easily and allowed us to fit the new larger 33inch tyres while allowing the tuned suspension to work as per factory. Even with the lift, we needed a bit of extra room in the wheel wells for the larger tyres. We modified the lower pinch weld on the wheel well and inspected for rubbing. Only a small amount on the front suspension upright, which was easily fixed when we installed the 1.75” wheel spacers. The new wheel spacing caused rubbing on the stock SRT flares, but the new fender flares should open up the wheel wells and eliminate the rubbing.”

We’ve worked with Todd and his crew a lot over the last 3-4 years. His decades of experience with Jeeps is always helpful when we’re test fitting prototypes or planning some wild project. He’s pretty good with a bottle opener and a campfire as well!

Next, we’re literally installing a pile of off-road gear. Don’t miss it, Build Stage 2 coming next week…

PHOTOS  Daniel Snare Photography   |   WORDS  Bill Mackin