We rolled in to Seven Slot Offroad’s new digs looking to install a pile of off-road gear. We pulled a few standard items from the Mopar catalog, but mostly had fun raiding the Chief Products Garage. With all of the new gear laid out in front of the SRT, it was clear were were going to have a busy day spinning wrenches.

Luckily, most of the front panels had already been removed so we could start measuring and designing the custom front bumper. We jumped straight in and once the mounting stacks were installed, the products started falling into place. The power steering cooler is a bit larger on the SRT than it is on other WK2 models, which created some fitment issues for the WK2 Hidden Winch Mount. We found a solution so we could finish the install, but we'll probably fabricate a custom bracket to make sure everything fits perfectly. The Warn Zeon 10S Platinum winch looks the business and we feel bad for covering it up. At least we get to run around with it showing for a few weeks while we build the front bumper. The last item to install was the new WK2 Rock Rails. I can’t stress how much easier they are to install over some of the others in the marketplace. Our engineering team did a great job and they definitely look the part.

As you can see in the video, install time for all of this gear was about 2 minutes. :)

There’s still a fair bit to do, but it felt good watching her come down off the hoist with all the new off-road gear. She’s definitely starting to look like the off-road machine we envisioned. Next up, we start building the custom fender flares and custom front & rear bumpers.

PHOTOS  Daniel Snare Photography   |   WORDS  Bill Mackin